We at A.N.S.A.R 901 believe that it is our responsibility to OUR city of Memphis to take an active approach towards a safer Memphis. Our efforts begin with reaching incarcerated citizens that are on their way back into society. We offer Life Skills Class, Resume’ building, Group and Individual Counseling. We serve as a reachable, network that offers moral support and referal to resources toward employment, vocational, and educational advancement. A.N.S.A.R 901 believe a solution to stopping the cycle of crime (Recidivism) is to introduce those with a criminal mindset to a better way of living. Teach them how to be upright citizens and support their positive efforts once they are back in society. People have been left to themselves long enough and problems don’t fix themselves, so now it’s time for positive intervention. We choose to be the change needed. We can’t do it all alone, so any support is appreciated.

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